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analyzing communication phenomena

Assignment Requirements You will write one 3-5 page (excluding title page and reference pages) paper that demonstrates your comprehension and application of important communication concepts in analyzing communication phenomena. Your paper will be based on an integration of your observation/experience of communication, your engagement with our textbook, your participation in our discussion forums, and your library research. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the practice of examining a topic in depth and using research resources. You are not expected to make any fresh discoveries or solve any long-standing problems in communication. You only need to look into a topic that you find interesting, and report on what you learned about it. Based on your research, write a short paper about an issue, theory, or concept in communication studies. You must pick a topic from the list below. Paper Content  Part I: Conceptual discussion-Discuss the chosen topic in-depth by o Providing definition o Elaborating on the different aspects or implications of the topic and, o Illustrating the topic with specific factual or hypothetical examples (or personal examples, if appropriate).  Part II: Application and/or reflection: Discuss how an understanding of this topic could help or has helped someone (or you) communicate more effectively, or live more happily or successfully, in social or professional situations. o Note: You do not have to follow the exact order of Part I and Part II in your paper, but you must address both parts in your paper in order to receive a passing grade. Paper Format  Papers must be written in Standard English with standard usage (punctuation, spelling, etc.)  Cite at least TWO credible sources (in addition to our textbook) in APA citation style (see instructions and examples of APA citation in a separate file). There is no restriction on the type of source you cite. You can cite books, periodicals, journal articles from our university library’s database, or even websites. However, you must cite credible sources which are written by authorities in the field, or published by trustworthy organizations. You cannot cite Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia) as one of your sources, but you can use it as a springboard for your research. This means that you can use Wikipedia as a starting point to find some other more credible sources such as books or articles (from the reference lists at the end of the entries) for your research.  Papers should be 3-5 pages long (excluding title page and reference page). No abstract needed. The paper should be double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 12pt font with four 1” margins. Assignment Assessment  Assignment grade: 100 points (out of 1000 points course total)  Content = 60% of grade; Standard English and usage = 30%; APA format = 10% Topic List  Transactional model of communication  Stereotype and communication  Attribution theory and communication  Interpersonal confirmation and supportive or defensive communication climate  Nonverbal communication (please pick two or three specific types of nonverbal communication to engage in an in-depth discussion including what the nonverbal communication is and the principles of the nonverbal communication)  Conflict and communication  Culture and communication  Individualistic culture and collectivist culture  Standpoint theory and communication  The model of attachment styles and communication  Self disclosure and communication  Relationship dialectics and interpersonal communication  Violence and abuse in personal relationships  Groupthink and group communication  Power and communication  Leadership in small groups and/or teams  Organizational culture  Workplace bullying and communication  Uses and gratification theory and mass communication  Agenda setting theory and mass communication  Cultivation theory and mass communication  Computer mediated communication Recommended Sources for Your Research  LSUA library resources o Library website: o Databases  Academic Search Complete  Communication & Mass Media Complete  PsycInfo  Jstor  Eric o Books and ebooks  Other online search engines and libraries o o o (Journal of Computer Mediated Communication) o (please see the instruction above on how to use Wikipedia for your research)

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