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audit courses

Question Topic:

Many colleges and universities allow older people to audit courses tuition-free. But–perhaps because the arrangement does not generate tuition–most institutions do not actively promote this option or encourage people to take advantage of it; the number of older people who actually enroll in such courses tends to be fairly low. Suppose that your college began taking aggressive and effective measures to encourage elderly people to enroll in courses, with the eventual result that around half of the students in most classes were 65 or older. Write a paper discussing two issues. First, how should instructors modify their teaching and their evaluation and testing procedures in response to this change in the student population, given the material in the text describing older adults’ cognitive performance and abilities? Second, how would classes be enriched by an increase in the proportion of older students, and how would classes suffer through such an increase?

Important to note

Papers are to be a minimum of 1500 words double spaced, in APA or MLA format

Attach it using “word format” or powerpoint only. No hyperlinks or goggle docs.

Grading Criteria

Fulfilling Assignment Objective: ( 60 points )

Good overview of material, with a clear

understanding of the content material.

Clearly Written Paper: ( 20 points)

Having an introduction, thesis, and conclusion,

as well as a good flow of ideas.

Correct Grammar and Spelling: ( 10 points )
Following Paper Format Instructions: ( 10 points )

Length of paper, font, margins, etc

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