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Brain Structures

Which Brain Structures Would You Give Up?Introduction:Suppose you were the subject of a diabolical experiment looking at the functions of the various brain areas. A mad scientist wants to do “removal studies” in order to isolate these functions. The mad scientist does have a heart, though- he lets his subjects decide which brain structures they’d like to give up.This assignment requires an understanding of the various parts of the brain and their role in our daily functioning.This assignment fulfills/Supports: Module Outcome: 1 Course Outcome: 1,3 General Education Competencies: 1,2,3,5The Assignment:For this Discussion Board, complete the following steps:Step 1:Review the various parts of the brain and their functions by visiting the 3D Brain website at in a new window). For students who prefer an app, search for “3D Brain” wherever you buy apps. The app is free but you do have the option to purchase an upgrade for a small fee.You are only responsible for understanding the parts of the brain that are covered in your textbook.Step 2:In your initial post thoroughly discuss the following: If you were the subject in this heinous (and thankfully fictional) experiment, which three brain structures would you give up?NOTE: You must choose specific parts of the brain, not brain regions. Students are not permitted to choose any of the four lobes or the cerebral cortex for removal. Explain the function of those three structures. What is the role of each in your daily functioning?Be specific. DO NOT simply restate textbook information. Explain why you chose those structures and describe what your life would be like without them.Again, be specific and DO NOT simply restate textbook information. For example, if I chose myhippocampusfor removal I would experience significant memory impairment. As a result, it is unlikely that I would be able to work as aninstructor (an inability to form new memories means I can’t remember what I just said, much less deliver an entirelecture). I wouldalso experience confusion about where I am and how I got there (again, removal or severe damage of thehippocampusresults in an inability to form new memories meaning I can’t remember what has happened from one moment to the next). However, it is possible that I would still retain some long-termmemories formed years before the “removal”, since those memories may have been moved to another part of the brain.Citing Sources: You must use APA style to reference your source(s) at the end of your submission. For this Discussion Board, you must include reference information for your textbook and the 3D brain website or app. Information on how to format reference information (including a reference generator) in APA style can be found on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website at in a new window).Acceptable Length:300-500 word initial post; 2-3 sentence responses to at least three classmates.Formatting Requirements: Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font Use double line spacing in the document 1-inch margins all around

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