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Contraception and prenatal development

Create a PowerPoint or Prezi describing you and your development. include pictures, audio, video, etc. You will begin with prenatal development and work up through today and also project yourself into your developmental future. You may include your homework assignment topics re-done to fit into the project smoothly.

1. Contraception and prenatal development – did your parents plan to have you? Did they eat healthy, smoke, drink during your pregnancy? How did your prenatal development go? Was your mom sick? Did she have any cravings? Are there any cultural beliefs about pregnancy in your family? (For example: pregnant women cannot be outside during an eclipse? if you crave spicy foods the baby will have lots of hair?) Are there any genetic issues in your family? Do you know what your APGAR score was? Were you an easy birth? Ask your mom. She probably has a lot to say about it!

If you do not have access to this information then do your best to ask family members or to think back to your growing up and create an evidence based answer from what you remember. You can interview family members to get the info.

2. Infancy –> childhood tell me a story about you in one of Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development. Name the stage, then define it, then tell the story that coincides with that stage.

3. Freud– Do you think that your personality is mainly Id, Ego or Superego? Tell me which one and why you think so in just a sentence or two.

4. Karen Horney – What was your self-analysis according to Horney? Do you have characteristics of basic anxiety or basic hostility (choose one)? What neurotic trends are a part of your personality? Are you a moving toward, a moving against, or a moving away type of person? Which personality are you within that category? Give an example of why you think so.

For example: I have basic anxiety. I am a “moving toward” personality type with “people pleaser” personality traits. I think this because I am forever mad at myself for wanting to suck up to people who are mean to me. I have been working 50 years on not being such a people pleaser but it is still a strong part of my personality.

5. Erikson– tell me which stage(s) best characterize your personality. Do you think having issues there is going to be a determinant of your future Integrity or despair? Why/why not?

6. Attachment– choose either your childhood or adult attachment style and tell me what it is and where it came from . This should be a paragraph or two.

7. Kohlberg– What level of Moral Development do you think that you function at MOSTLY and why? What level do you think that you are capable of functioning at given an extraordinary situation?

8. Your love language– Which of Chapman’s love languages apply to you? (Did you take the online quiz? If not then do it now. The link is in the attraction module) What is your main love language? subsidiary ones?

9. Choose a theorist that we did not cover that you think applies to your development. Pick one from the textbook or from your own discovery and tell me about it here.

10. How do you think you have developed so far? Do you see any issues that might be awaiting you in the future based upon your development so far?

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