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core philosophy of the mutual

In the “Looking Ahead” notes from previous weeks, you were asked to identify a mutual help group to attend for the purpose of this Discussion. This should be a new/different group than one you may have attended for a previous course requirement. You must attend at least one meeting prior to completing your main Discussion post. Please remember to adhere to the rules of the group you have chosen and to maintain the confidentiality of the members. Though you are an observer, you are also a participant–this means you should be transparent about your purpose in attending and not mislead members as to your own recovery status. Be respectful of the healing process at all times; engage in the journey and be fully present. Lastly, please do not take notes or make recordings during or after meetings.

Your chosen mutual help group should ideally be one that is modeled after the 12-Step recovery model so that you can better complete this week’s assignments. If such was not available in your area, please be sure to fully describe the core philosophy of the mutual help group you attended and how it compares to the traditional 12-Step recovery model.

Post by Day 4 a brief overview of the type of mutual help group you attended, and your observations regarding the 12-Step Model of recovery. Then, discuss the role of mutual help groups in addiction recovery, including at least two strengths and two weaknesses of the 12-Step Model. Lastly, describe how participation in mutual help groups might benefit relapse prevention and continuum of care efforts. (Note:Please do not share any personal or identifying information regarding the mutual help group or its members.)

if posible can you do it on a AA group

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