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effectiveness of psychotherapies

QUESTION 1: Discuss the effectiveness of psychotherapies in the treatment of mental health problems.

For doing this, please choose one specific diagnostic category, i.e. major derpresssive disorder or shizophrenia, that we have covered in this term in this course.

Review the literature, and discuss the findings of two outcome studies that assess the effectiveness of specific psychotherapies on the diagnosis you would like to discuss.

Make sure that you critically review the articles and refer to why outcome studies are important.

It is preferable that you present outcome studies that compare outcomes of different psychotherapy approaches

QUESTION 2 : The dimensional model of personality disorders in DSM-5 includes 5 higher-order domains (negative affectivity, detachment, antagonism, disinhibition, and psychoticism) and 25 lower-order facets, or constellations of trait behaviors that constitute the broader domains.

Choose one of those higher order domains and discuss the ways a specific psychotherapeutic approach may engage with this domain.

For example, present the ways a clinical psychologist with the cognitive behavioural therapy orientation may help a client with disinhibition problems or the ways a psychodynamically oriented psychologist work with negative affect.

Make sure that you review the basic principles and understanding of the therapy you choose and that your discussion is clear enough for the reader to see your proposed links between a specific therapeutic understanding and a specific personality domain.

Do not describe the domain or principles of the chosen approach; just refer to issues that are relevant to you arguments.

For example, psychodynamically oriented therapist works on transference relationship, this work helps the client to ………………………….as regards to antagonism; for cognitive behavioural approach working with cognitive biases is very important this work helps the client to……………………………………………………….. as regards to antagonism

Max. 750 words for each question

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