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empirical research


“Paper II is intended to help you write an introduction to an empirical research study akin to the literature review you see in published research articles. That is, you will write an introduction to a potential experiment of your choice related to the aging workforce based on prior research in the field. Your goal here will be review and summarize relevant literature in the form of a research paper introduction or short literature review. In Paper II, though, you will use prior research to help justify your study hypotheses if you had to write a research paper. You will need five references minimum for Paper II, three of which must come from peer-reviews, empirical journals. We will be posting some sample empirical papers that you might choose to use as one or two of your peer reviewed references, but you are not required to do so. It all depends on your choice of topic or area of studies. For Paper II, I recommend that you start your literature review broadly, hinting at your own study design toward the end of your opening paragraph. Subsequent paragraphs will talk about research involving Aging and the Workforce or related topics. Start with the basics, defining Aging, aging workforce for you reader and then summarizing research in the area that you decided to explore furthered. Your paper should end with a potential hypothesis. This hypothesis will depend on the specific body of literature you have decided to review. You will receive feedback on how you formulated the hypothesis, but you will not be penalized if in our judgement it is not correct.”


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