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ethically and culturally competent evaluation

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your paper:

  1. Purpose of the Program Evaluation: Describe the purpose of a program evaluation in evidence-based practice. How does it support the profession?
  2. Introduction to the Case Study: Considering the provided data set, address the goal of this program evaluation.
  3. Review Summary of the Data
    1. Identify what kind of data is being used. Is the proposed evaluation qualitative or quantitative in nature?
    2. Determine if the design reflects an ethically and culturally competent evaluation. Is the data representative of the culture of the populationbeing evaluated?
    3. Identify the patterns or trends. What does the data tell you?
  4. Summary
    1. Describe the results of the evaluation.
    2. Determine if the program is effective. Why or why not?
    3. Identify a future improvement for the clinical program that is being evaluated.

must be 2–3 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and written in APA format. Use double

spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

example :Here is a guide you may use to develop your assignment:


Set the Stage. If you go into the community to carry out your assignment,explain a general description of the setting and what you observed. If you use the video link, identify the time stamp of the section of the video you used for your observation before you describe what you are observing.

Nature of the Observation

Comment specifically on whether you paid closer attention to individuals or groups; specifically, state to what degree you were curious about what was going on with individuals and their personal experiences in the moment. Give detailed examples. Report what you noticed and whether you tended to focus more or less on what was going on with people in relation to others. Give detailed examples.

Connect to Research Method

Consider whether your natural tendency was to observe individuals or groups. Were you more interested in the interests and motivations of individuals or what was going on with sub sets of the group and the interaction of the members? Describe what your own process was when you made your observation. Based on the answer, explain whether your process was more quantitative in nature (objectively considering relationships or differences between and among the people/groups you were observing) or more qualitative in nature (with a subjective focus on contextual understanding).


Briefly state whether the method that aligned with your natural observation tendency was a surprise to you. Why or why not?

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