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etiology of addiction

As you review the assigned readings this week, think about which strengths-based treatment approach resonates with you. How does it align with what you have learned thus far about the etiology of addiction? Consider how you will integrate this knowledge into your toolbox in your efforts to become a clinician skilled in working with substance-related and addictive disorders.

For this Discussion, you will choose one of the case vignettes in your Resources this week and one of the four treatment approaches discussed in Chapter 8 of your text: harm reduction, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Post by Day 3 an overview of the treatment approach you selected for your chosen case study and why. Then, describe one strength and one weakness of your selected treatment approach. Lastly, identify two treatment goals for your client and how the treatment approach you selected would facilitate meeting the identified goals.

Shanelle is a 50-year-old female of African American heritage who works as a receptionist in a medical practice. She has been court-ordered to counseling following a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. She had a blood alcohol level of .18 at the time of her arrest, but insists she was “fine to drive” and that she’d had “only a couple drinks.” Shanelle also denies her need for counseling, insisting, “If I were rich and white, I wouldn’t be here.”

Shanelle has had two previous legal problems involving alcohol use. The first was at age 42, and occurred shortly after she and her husband divorced. Shanelle had started going out to bars and clubs more often, at the insistence of family and friends who were worried she was too lonely now that she was living alone. Shanelle had gotten into a fight with another female patron at a bar, and the altercation had become physical. Shanelle was arrested for assault and public intoxication, although charges were eventually dropped. She did, however, lose her job as an administrative assistant in a high-profile law firm—although she insists her arrest had nothing to do with being fired. The second legal issue she had was another DUI charge while on vacation in Florida with her family. Shanelle admits that she “probably should not have driven home that night” but adds that out of everyone who was out that night, she was the “least drunk” so had to provide the transportation back to the hotel.

Shanelle reports that although she does drink 4–5 drinks every day, she “isn’t a real addict” because she doesn’t “need” the alcohol. She states that she simply enjoys having a couple drinks in the evening and that doing so helps her relax.

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