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high blood pressure

“Anxiety Disorder Case Study: Mary”Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: Hi, I’m Mary. I’m just nervous all the time. I worry about getting homework in on time or forgetting an assignment completely. I stressed out about what to make for dinner when my parents visited me in my apartment. I feel that others scrutinize the way I talk and walk. I wonder if they are being as critical as I am about myself.

I recently found out that my suspicions and fears about high blood pressure are true. My doctor said that my blood pressure is borderline high. He said that diet and exercise would do the trick to correct the problem. Then I was afraid that I won’t exercise enough or eat right, which will cause me to have a heart attack. I could literally feel my blood pressure rise as he described more things to add to my list of worries.

I think that my level of constant anxiety has kept me from dating boys. I want to try out for the women’s lacrosse team, but I worry that I wouldn’t be any good. I wish I could function like a normal person and be happy instead of scared. I find myself even worrying about worrying these days. It is a good thing I don’t drink, because I’d probably drink all the time and worry about the effect it is having on me.

For this Assignment, view the media case study titled Anxiety Disorder Case Study: Mary about Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Assume the role of a mental health counselor to respond to the client call. Review the medication that the psychiatrist prescribed and explain the expected effects and side effects of its use. Then, review the family and personal history of the client. Plan a treatment strategy.

In a 2- to 3-page APA-formatted paper, include the following:

An explanation of any concerns, ethical or otherwise, you may have regarding the client’s generalized anxiety disorder treatment
An explanation of the factors you would take into consideration in developing a strategy to treat the client’s generalized anxiety disorder
An explanation of a treatment strategy for the client’s generalized anxiety disorder
A justification of your generalized anxiety treatment strategy
An explanation of how you would advocate for your treatment strategy

**Wanted to give you an update on the week 5 assignment. The information below should clear up the assignment:

*For the Week 5 Assignment, review the media Anxiety Disorder Case Study: Mary, concerning Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This Case Study is included in the Week 5 Resources.

*Although Mary does not indicate that her psychiatrist has prescribed any medication, select a medication that you believe would be appropriate for a psychopharmacological intervention. Also, create a family history for further clarification of your treatment plan.

*Follow the remainder of the instructions listed to complete the Week 5 Assignment.

Take care,

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