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HS6354 Pharmacology

TOPIC FOR ASSIGNMENT Mrs Y is a 60-year-old lady who complained that she not been sleeping well for the past 2 days as she felt difficulty breathing especially when she goes to bed. She feels a lot better when she uses 2 extra pillows to prop herself up. She also reports that she gets persistent feet swelling that did not get better even though she elevates her legs. Because of all the above-mentioned symptoms, Mrs Y said that she could not even go to the nearest NTUC which is a block away to get her groceries without feeling breathless. She has no known drug allergies. Vitals: BP: 130/65 mmHG HR: 101 beats/min RR: 27 breaths/min On Examination: Pitting edema on both feet Lungs: bilateral crackles Lips looked a little cyanotic Current medications: Enalapril 5mg BD Bisoprolol 5mg OM Metformin 850mg TDS Glipizide 5mg BD Atorvastatin 10mg ON Glycerin trinitrate 0.5mg PRN Aspirin 100mg OM Famotidine 20mg OM Levothyroxine 75mcg OM 1) Discuss what do you think is Mrs Y’s medical history based on her medication list. 2) For each of the medications listed, identify some of the likely medication issues that may be faced by the patient. 3) For her current condition, what do you think is the provisional diagnosis for this patient? Using this provisional diagnosis, what do you think are the likely drugs that the patient will be started on when she arrives at the hospital? For each drug started by the doctor a. state the route of administration b. discuss the rationale for starting the drug c. concerns or contraindications

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