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Hyperactivity Disorder Counseling Session

a brief description of the client’s current presentation. Choose a medication that a psychiatrist might prescribe from the various types used to treat ADHD and detail the major action, intended effects, neurotransmitters implicated in its use, and side effects. Explain how you might address issues related to the use of stimulants. Justify your choice based on the client’s presentation and support your position with scholarly resources. Explain an alternative approach to treating ADHD.

“Attention Deficit: Hyperactivity Disorder Counseling Session” Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh! I used to have one of these action figures at home. That’s cool. Have you ever played Halo? How about Grand Theft Auto? That’s another one of my favorite games. Do you have any good games we can play here? MALE SPEAKER: Well, Tanya, I love your energy. And I have this pink Play-Doh that has never been touched. And so I’m wondering if we could talk for a couple of minutes, and then maybe we could get to some games later. Would you like to give that a try? FEMALE SPEAKER: OK. Cool. MALE SPEAKER: I’m going to get some, too. I think I’m going to get the other pink. And so you and your mom and dad and I met for a few minutes before. And we decided that it would be good for you and I to have some time together, just to spend time. We can do some playing. We can hang out with each other and talk. And we can do Play-Doh. And so we can do all sorts of things. But the thing I want you to know first, before we do anything else, is that what you say in here stays in here. It’s private. It’s our stuff we’re talking about. Now, your mom and dad and I will have some conversations. But I won’t say anything about you behind your back to them. And I do have to let them know if you were going to do something dangerous. We would talk about that, obviously, but not that I think that’s the case. Does that make sense? So now, let’s talk about what kinds of things you would like to have better in your life. FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you mean? MALE SPEAKER: Well, let’s say you had three wishes. And you can make three wishes, one about yourself, one about school, one about home. What would you like to have different? FEMALE SPEAKER: Can I wish for more wishes? MALE SPEAKER: No, but that’s a very smart question to ask, because if you could, you would have wishes forever. So we have a limit on that. So it’s just really only three, one about you, one about school, one about home. ©2012 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I wish I would never have any more homework. And I wish my parents would get off my case about playing too many computer games. And I wish I could be invisible and get away with whatever I want without annoying anybody. MALE SPEAKER: Wow, that is a perfect response. So you’d get rid of homework. You’d make it so your parents wouldn’t be on your case about video or computer games. And you would be invisible. You could get away with anything. So Tanya, I’m just interested. It sounds like you would use a whole wish– and you’ve only got three– on homework. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yep, no homework the rest of my life and my life would be way better. MALE SPEAKER: Getting rid of homework would make your life better. And that makes me think maybe homework is pretty miserable and feels awful right now. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yep. So poof. I make it disappear.

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