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limitations of survey

In this assignment, you will analyze surveys and interviews as data collection methods for research.

Using the Internet, research about using surveys and interviews in research.

Consider the following situation.

Assume you need to conduct a survey to study the relation between diet, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption on youth aged twenty to twenty-five years.

Your observations are as follows:

There is a positive relation between cigarette smoking and alcohol use but there was little relation of these habits and the diet.
However, persons received slightly less food energy from carbohydrates if they drank alcohol to those who did not drink.
Persons who smoked got slightly more food energy from fat as compared to nonsmokers.
However, the weight of the persons who drank and persons who smoked was less than it would have been had they taken their total energy intake.

Based on the situation and your observations, complete the following tasks:

Describe the benefits as well as the limitations of survey studies in establishing such causal relations.
There are many parameters that need to be considered when writing good survey questions.
Describe some of the pitfalls in the writing of survey questions. How can these pitfalls be avoided?
Write two survey questions that you might use in the given situation.
There are several different formats that can be utilized when creating a survey. The type of survey administered can be just as important as the topic itself.
What are the different survey formats? Explain their advantages and disadvantages.
If you were conducting a survey, what type of format would you choose? Why?

Using APA format, cite any sources you use appropriately throughout the discussion and reference on a separate page.
Submit a Microsoft Word Document in APA format.

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