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non-peer-reviewed journals

Choose a psychological topic that interests you and use ProQuest PsycINFO to search for recent peer-reviewed journal articles on this topic. The database can help you find a variety of resource material (e.g., books, dissertation abstracts, articles published in non-peer-reviewed journals, etc.), but you should limit your search to articles from peer-reviewed journals. Spend some time trying the different search and limit options within PsycINFO. Take notes as you search to keep track of your process and steps.

Select one article on your topic that is relevant to your interests and find that article Once located, obtain a PDF of the full article. You will need to provide a copy of it with your assignment.

Once you have selected and accessed your article, look at the reference list at the end of the article. The reference list includes information about every source cited in an article. This is often a useful strategy for finding addition references about your topic. Use the PsychINFO database. Again, take notes on your process. You do not need to turn in a copy of this second article, but you will need the reference information and information about where it can be found through the WSU library.

Write up a brief description (1 paragraph) of your search process for the first article, including identification and explanation of your initial psychological topic, the key terms you used in your search, how you limited the search, how many options you found, how limiting the search changed the number of options, etc., and how you selected the specific article. You should also briefly describe the process you used to find one of the articles from the reference list of the first article. Be sure to include where to find a hard copy.

Read the journal article and briefly describe how this article contributes to your understanding of the topic you chose. Make sure to use your own words (DO NOT copy directly from the article). Properly cite the article using in-text citations in your write-up.

Finally, provide complete reference information for both articles, in proper APA editorial style.

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