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preliminary bibliography

So this is an onging assignment but I am lost and confused. I need to start with a topic but I am unsure of for my class Biological Bases of Behavior. This part of the assignment is small compared to the rest of it.

For this assignment, you will select a topic for your grant proposal. Then will write the Specific Aims section which will be a page and half and then a preliminary bibliography. Will need to locate at least 15 scholarly peer-reviewed articles that are relevant and that support your funding request more resources can be used. The preliminary annotated bibliography is to ensure that the resources are relevant and supportive of the Specific Aims as well as the Background and Significance sections of your grant proposal (the Background and Significance sections will be written in Week Three).

Remeber the specific aims and annotated is what we are focusing on.

I can provide more info if needed we are to use this as well for our grant proposal: This assignment involves preparing a grant proposal requesting support for a 12-month research project. The total amount of support you may request is $60,000 (including direct and indirect costs). You will choose a specific topic in neuroscience or neuropsychology and develop a grant proposal based on a review of the literature and identification of a research hypothesis. The grant proposal must be six to eight double-spaced pages in length(not including title page, references list, and appendix), 12-point font, and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least 15 peer-reviewed sources in addition to the text.

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