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Unit 1 Assignment – 20 points

Chapters 1-4: Using the course text (Introduction to Psychology, by J. Kalat), answer True or False for each item. For any item you determine to be false, provide a brief explanation for why it is false (a fully composed sentence at the very least). Any items answered false that are not accompanied by an explanation will receive zero points.

_____ 1. Determinism is the assumption that everything that happens has a cause.

_____ 2. ​A clinical psychologist is the same thing as a psychiatrist.

_____ 3. Sigmund Freud was the first psychological researcher.

_____ 4. The earliest psychological researchers concentrated mostly on the causes of mental illness.

_____ 5. A cognitive psychologist is interested in the processes of thinking and acquiring knowledge.​

_____ 6. Most dictionary definitions are operational definitions.​

_____ 7. A case history studies a random sample of the population.​

_____ 8. A correlation coefficient of -0.7 represents a stronger relationship between variables than a correlation coefficient of 0.5.​

_____ 9. In an experiment on how coffee affects alertness, the amount of coffee would be the dependent variable.​

_____ 10. Any ethical experiment on people begins by asking participants for their informed consent.​

_____ 11. When you touch something, you don’t feel it until the message reaches your brain.

_____12. Most scientists agree that mind and brain are separate.

_____ 13. In some ways, the behavior of a split-brain person suggests two minds occupying the same head.

_____ 14. By age 5, you have all the neurons your brain will ever have.

_____ 15. Each behavior depends on a single gene.

_____ 16. Humans have an approximately equal number of rods and cones.​

_____ 17. People see little or no color in the periphery of their visual field.​

_____ 18. Normal human color vision requires having three types of cones.​

_____ 19. “Hurt feelings” activate some of the same brain areas as physical pain.​

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