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Psychology in Mental Illness or Trauma

Integrating Your School of Thought and Research Topic

Research Topic: Application of The Cognitive Psychology in Mental Illness or Trauma

For your course project, you will integrate your selected school of thought with your research topic. This will include demonstrating how your selected school of thought aligns with your research topic, as well as how your research topic contributes to the knowledge base.

In this unit, you will submit your final paper. Refer to the Integrating Your School of Thought and Research Topic course project description for more information and to be sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements.

Submit your paper as an attachment in the assignment area.

Writing Requirements

· Length: Your topic selection submission assignment should be 12–15 double-spaced pages (excluding the cover page and references list). Include page numbers, headings, and a running header.

· References: At least 10 peer-reviewed resources.

· Formatting: Use correct APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.

· Typeface and size: 12-point Times New Roman.

Review the Integrating Your School of Thought and Research Topic Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

Before beginning your final paper, be sure to read all the guidelines, grading rubric, and requirements for the final project listed below and in the course syllabus.

Final Project Guidelines

1. Use APA style throughout the paper.

o Include a title page, with headers, page numbers, and relevant information.

o Use proper headings and levels of headings—and use headings!

o Use proper citations and be sure every cited work is in the references.

o Use proper reference style; there are many details included in proper style, so proofread or use RefWorks or a similar program to help you get the specifics correct.

o Double-space all written work in the paper.

o Indent every new paragraph. No extra spaces between paragraphs.

o Use correct margins.

o For block quotes, modify margins— no quotation marks, but do include a citation at the end.

o Write in a formal, scholarly tone. The focus is on the topic, not on you as the researcher, nor on authors of articles or studies.

2. Use the following format for the paper:

o Section 1: State the topic; explain the topic, clearly and thoroughly.

o Use the four attributes (values, principles, et cetera) to explore your topic.

o Be clear about exactly what it is you want to study.

o Provide questions you want to answer through the research.

o Do not include hypotheses or research questions yet.

o Section 2: Analyze literature to support the topic.

o Explain what has already been learned about the topic.

o Explain how the literature supports your chosen school of thought.

o Identify where there are gaps in the literature, which are to be filled by your study.

o Write in narrative form; do not use annotated bibliography in this section, but do use the sources you located in that assignment.

o Section 3: Discuss the general research approach.

o Select quantitative or qualitative; or one of the approved approaches (metatheoretical study, needs assessment, or theoretical integration).

o Explain ethical steps and principles that you will employ.

o Discuss recruiting methods, sampling, data collection, measurement instruments, or interview methods, but none of these need to be described in detail—provide a general outline.

o Describe how your study will contribute to scientific knowledge.

o Section 4: Discuss what you hope to discover and how you will apply the findings.

o Cite relevant literature to discuss what you might find in your research.

o Describe how your results could be practically useful.

Do not copy and paste from previous assignments; you may use information you already collected, but this paper should be a unique document.

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