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Qualitative Approaches to Research

Qualitative Approaches to Research

In this assignment, you will learn how to conduct field research keeping in mind the challenges involved in such studies.

Using the Internet, research about conducting field research and the challenges faced in field research.

Consider the following:

The peculiar nature of field research calls for the involvement of the researcher in the daily activities of subjects. This type of research requires greater social skills on the part of the researcher than any other method in social research. The ability of the researcher to communicate, negotiate, affiliate, and participate is invaluable. In addition, the researcher must be prepared to face risks and make decisions that are crucial and sudden. Thus, the personal life of the researcher is completely susceptible to the vicissitudes of the research field, something to which the deductive-quantitative approaches are largely immune.

Using the internet, find and study a sample of field research on psychological, observational, or social skills.

Based on the sample, complete the following tasks:

Include the link to your sample and field research results.
Explain the findings of the field research that you found.
Explain the necessary preparation for successful field research.
Based on your opinion, identify the greatest ethical challenge faced by a field researcher.
Discuss the four factors that affect the choice of a field site (containment, richness, unfamiliarity, and suitability).

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