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stages of interviewing

our task this week is to compile a resource and reference guide on interviewing skills suitable for use within a particular context studied in this course (I/O, Forensic, Health, or Child/Adolescent). In your resource and reference guide, be sure to address the following with a brief section on each:

1. Provide an overview of the stages of interviewing, including Exploration, Action, and Termination. 2. Explain the key skills to be employed at each of the three stages, their importance within the context of the consulting relationship, and related considerations such as the timing of the interview. 3. Describe your experience, for each skill you identified, by using or observing the skill in this course, including the emotions it triggered in you or obstacles that you had to overcome. 4. Integrate these as real-world examples to share with the intended audience of your guide. 5. Consider how having diverse clients from different cultural backgrounds might affect your use of each of the skills you have identified (if at all). 6. Specifically, compare and contrast how these skills would be applied to clients from two different cultural backgrounds. 7. Present a self-analysis in which you reflect on the skills you seem to have mastered fairly well and which you may need to work on. 8. What are your strengths and areas for improvement, based on your experiences in this course? 9. What values and dispositions do you possess that will undoubtedly serve you well while interviewing and are there any that might impede the process? 10. Summarize what you have gained from this course, and then explain how it may affect your future professional and personal relationships.

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