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systematic evaluation

You are required to complete a critique of two existing programs this term, due in Weeks 6 & 8. Programs can be relevant to the issue you have chosen for your final project, and thus reflect work you have identified in your review of the research literature. Although it is preferred that you identify a program from the published research literature (i.e., one which has been subjected to systematic evaluation), you may choose a program that is less well researched and available from other sources (e.g., published programs, agency websites engaged in community intervention). The latter programs, however, should be subjected to the same level of analysis with regard to key program components.

The Program Critique involves review and critical analysis of a specific program with regard to the four main components of the conceptual framework of community psychology described in Nelson & Prilleltenksy (2010; introduced in Chapter 2):

1. The issues or problems addressed 2. The values reflected in the program approach and methods3. The conceptual foundation of the program4. The action and research tools (i.e., the “science of CP”)

Structure of the Critique

I. Brief Program Description

Describe program goals & objectives, conceptual/theoretical model, target population, staff, context/location, program content, intervention methods, research methods, program outcomes

II. Program Analysis

Discuss the program with regard to the four components described in Nelson and Prilleltenksy (2010). Be sure to make use of and cite Nelson and Prilleltenksy’s portrayal of these components.

1. What specific issues or problems were addressed?2. What values were reflected in the program, either explicitly stated by the researchers/interventionists or implicit in the program approach?3. What was the conceptual or theoretical foundation(paradigm) of the program?4. What action (intervention) tools were used? What research tools were used?

Be sure to focus your analysis on:

1. The extent to which the program reflects a holistic transformative ecological model vs. an individually-oriented ameliorative approach2. The extent to which the values base of the program addresses personal, relational, and collective well-being.3. The extent to which the conceptual model (paradigm) is reflected in the program focus and methods.4. Whether the tools for action and research were appropriate for achieving the goals of the program.5. The extent to which key stakeholders participated in the process of program development, implementation, and evaluation.

III. Suggestions for Program Improvement

Provide suggestions for program improvement based on your critical analysis.

IV. References

The Critique content should not exceed 4 pages double spaced. You must also include a cover page and references. References can be from a variety of sources but must also include some peer reviewed journals from within the last 5 years. The document must be in APA format.


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