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The Lady Macbeth Effect

The Lady Macbeth Effect

In this assignment, you will reflect on human behavior influenced by the Lady Macbeth effect.

Review this simple field experiment. The study looks at the “Lady Macbeth effect.” If you have read or seen Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, you may remember Lady Macbeth’s famous line, “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” when the guilt of a bloody murder overcomes her.

In the experiment, the researchers hypothesized that people who feel greater guilt or shame are more likely to desire cleanliness. They randomly divided students into two groups. One group was asked to recall an unethical act from their past, such as betraying a friend, telling a lie, and so forth. They were to think about it and write it down. The other group was told to reflect on a positive ethical deed they had done, such as returning lost money. Later, the students were given their choice of one of two gifts for their participation—either a pencil or an antiseptic wipe. The researchers hypothesized that participants who had reflected on a shameful act would be more likely to take the wipe (Watts, 2007).

To see what they found, refer to the following article:

Watts, G. (2007, January 13). Quite reasonably emotional. Lancet369(9556),           90–91.

Based on your reading, complete the following tasks:

  • Write a critique of this article addressing the following questions in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document:
    • What did you think of this article?
    • What impact does this research have on the scientific community?

Using APA format, cite any sources you use appropriately throughout the paper and reference on a separate page.

Submission Details:

1. Cite all sources in APA format.

2. Submit a Microsoft Word Document.

3. Attach a Report.

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